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Combining Axis with PowerPoint

A perfect pairing!

PowerPoint has been a mainstay of workshop and meeting facilitation. It’s where the facilitator plans and presents the objectives, agenda and the instructions for the activities.

With Axis the need for PowerPoint to guide the workshop or meeting journey diminishes – no need to spend ages formatting slides to describe activities, Axis automatically produces a step-by-step workshop flow. 

However, we advocate the use other tools alongside Axis to inspire creative thinking, and combining PowerPoint with Axis can be extremely effective!

💡 Here are some ideas for how PowerPoint can support your workshop.

‍Get started quickly
  • When you are right at the start of your workshop, why not screen grab the joining info and put that into your supporting PowerPoint deck, so the participants are ready for when you start.
Screen grab the joining info so participants can join as they wait
Get creative
  • When you start the “Create” section you can stimulate thinking by presenting a case study or research on PowerPoint and share this over your screen. Simultaneously, participants can capture ideas using Axis on their smartphone.

Switching to PowerPoint during the Idea Creator phase
Coming to a close
  • Provide a final summary of the day and if you have chosen to use the Action method, let your participants know they will be getting sent their assigned tasks to ensure a productive outcome!


You don’t need PowerPoint for the mechanics of the session, Axis has that covered, instead use it as a powerful tool for visual story telling to stimulate thinking. Get in touch via any means below if you would like any more support on how to best run a workshop.

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Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

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