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Do we need Breakout Rooms?

A workshop without breakout rooms 🤔

Breakouts are a common workshop feature. By breaking-up into smaller groups the objective is to increase participation in the process of collaboration. 

The problem is that once you go beyond two people in a group, particularly in a virtual setting, there are often the more, how shall we say, confident voices, leading to other participants having more limited input.

To add, you have the inefficiency of bringing the groups back together, where half the group think it is time for another coffee break and the rest "just have to send one quick email." All this takes up valuable time.

Axis can solve these herding problems by avoiding the need to break-out at all. The platform makes it simple and easy for everyone’s voice to be listened to! With our paid subscription there is absolutely no limit, you can have an unlimited number of participants. So, just run every activity with all the participants present to create a truly collective output.

Off to the breakout rooms

🙄  If, however, breakout rooms are essential for the workshop, then we have some great examples from our users!

The challenge:

Run a series of workshops over three days with participants from Japan, Europe and the US

The solution:

Run several smaller workshops, agree the best ideas and come together for the finale!

The Axis user ran three different Axis workshops for each region, with their own breakout group and a separate Zoom meeting. The three workshop outputs were then exported and the top three ideas from each region were then pre-added to a final Axis workshop. This session was run together with all three regions to successfully decide which ideas to progress globally with clear actions and owners.

The challenge:

Run a workshop with a global team to digitise one of their key business processes

The solution:

The Round Robin breakout idea!

Our customer ran a joint Axis workshop to generate a set of challenges, force rank them and define some key themes. Then they wanted to generate some big ideas to overcome the key challenges. So they did a breakout by region to develop an idea.

They did this on Axis using round robin to allow the regions to challenge each other and refine the idea. This was run as one Axis workshop with three separate break out groups by region. Each group selected a scribe to enter the final thinking into Axis to feed into the round robin process.


So, if we haven't managed to convert you from using breakout rooms then we hope our tips can help! Get in touch via any means below if you would like any more support on how to best run a workshop.

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