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Axis POV

Harnessing the power of diverse teams

Diverse businesses are higher performing. Increasing diversity from Boards down is a focus for both policy makers and business leaders. But a diverse team is not enough it must also be inclusive. Every voice must be included when teams come together to create, innovate and decide.

Workshops and meetings are often dominated by a subset of voices. For example, women are more likely to get interrupted by men. Quiet experts and ‘outsiders’ - e.g. people new to the organisation or from different departments - are unheard, despite their potential to challenge orthodoxies and group think. Things are made harder by hierarchy and cultural and language barriers.

Consequently, many teams are using only a portion of their collective mind. So, what can organisations do to address these challenges?

Our recommendation is to try a new approach to collaboration. At Axis, we aim to enable organisations to harness the power of diversity through inclusive live collaboration. The Axis digital workshop platform is based upon thousands of hours of expert workshop facilitation and the latest research into group behaviour. We have tried, tested and refined our methodology for structured and facilitated collaboration to make it quick and simple for anyone to facilitate an inclusive and effective workshop or meeting.

The key elements of an Axis digital workshop are:

·       Anonymous input

·       Collective decision making using multiple different methods

·       A structured flow from framing the context through to planning for action

This combination makes it natural and simple for everyone share, shape and influence. Participants are given space to think independently without social pressure and are then brought together for collective curation, shaping and decision making.

Axis is available to everyone to enable inclusive and effective collaboration.

Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

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