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Axis update

What's on the Axis roadmap?

You might be a seasoned facilitator, or a first time user approaching the world or remote collaboration, but no matter what's your expertise or domain if you have been in touch with our customer support team it's very likely you have asked us one of the following questions:

When are the 'Coming soon' templates actually coming?

Can I integrate Axis into... (MS Teams, Trello, Slack, Jira, etc...)?

When will I be able to preview a workshop before I run it?

We love to hear you want more from our platform, and that you'd like us to build it ASAP. We are proud of having a user-centric approach to design and development of the Axis platform, its templates and methods. The feedback collected through research, conversation, and data analysis has drives the prioritisation of our backlog.

That's why we have shared our roadmap publicly. This will give you better visibility on what we are working on, and access the expected timelines for the upcoming features. Take a peek at what we are about to deliver, what we are prototyping and what we are building for the medium-long term by checking it on Trello here.

Visit the roadmap here

Some extra tips:

  • If you have a Trello account, you can upvote the cards you care about the most - we'll look at those results when prioritising the backlog
  • If there a feature you REALLY care about, click on 'Watch' to stay updated on every movement through our pipeline
  • Is anything missing? Get in touch and we might add your card to the roadmap!

Click on the card > 'Vote' to upvote the features you'd like us to prioritise

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