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Welcome to Axis!

Workshops are the engine room of the digital economy. They power innovation, creativity and collective decision making. Axis enables you to deliver consistently brilliant workshops that are more engaging, inclusive and effective.

After 18 months of building, refining, testing and trialling, running hundreds of workshops (including one with people from 26 different countries) we are ready to put Axis in your hands. Axis is rooted in thousands of hours of expert workshop facilitation and the latest research on human behaviour and group dynamics.

Set up your first workshop in minutes

Set-up your first workshop in minutes, using our tried and tested structure and methods. Our unique workshop flow makes it effortless to facilitate like a pro, from framing the context through to planning for action.

By going digital the content created is deeper and more meaningful, quiet experts get their say and you benefit from the wisdom of crowds. And no translating sticky note scrawls, just instantly download the workshop output.

We would love to hear what you think and what new features you would like to see. You can contact us by;

  • Sending us an email on
  • Speaking to us on the chat widget on the bottom right of this, or any, page on the website or app
  • Raise a ticket on our help pages here

Happy facilitating!

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