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What's new

What's new on Axis - December 2019 to February 2020

We've been really busy!

We can't start any update without firstly apologising for being so quiet in the last few months. We've been hard at work with some really important changes, and we hope you like what we've done.

Loads of new methods

First and foremost, dot voting, round robin and dot voting with a 2D matrix are now available to all users with a paid account.

Available now in beta is rose, thorn, bud in the Create phase; this means that you can now do a rose thorn bud as a pure ideation, and not only to create themes.

Also now available in beta, is dot voting with forced ranking in the evaluate phase. This provides another alternative to use dot voting as a method to quickly find the most important ideas, and then use forced ranking as a great way to present a clear priority list of ideas.

A new way to create themes

We have received a lot of feedback that people didn't like or understand our means of translating ideas to themes in the 'Frame' phase. So we've created a new way to do this step.

When you have completed your forced ranking, you will now be presented with this screen:

A fresh set of orthodoxies read to be turned into themes

From here you can either drag one idea across to the dotted line to create a theme...

Drag an idea from the left to the dotted line on the right to create a theme multiple ideas to create a theme...

Select multiple ideas and drag them across to the dotted line to create a theme

...move ideas from one theme to another...

Re-assign an idea to a theme by dragging and dropping it to a different theme

...or just detaching ideas and delete themes altogether.

Clear the theme altogether, or detach the idea from the theme

We've reviewed, tested and spoken to lots of our facilitators about this change and we're confident you will love it, but if you have any feedback please don't hesitate to contact us!

Our live messaging platform has been completely overhauled

We have completely re-built our messaging platform for live workshops. "Why should I care?" I hear you ask. Well, through this we have;

  • We have now run tests that have 500+ users logged in to a single workshop with 2000+ ideas created, with the platform staying stable
  • We have seen a 11-15x improvement in speed; so where some interactions were taking over a second to communicate before, they're taking less than a microsecond now!

This change necessitated an extensive amount of backend work to re-wire how the application works and resulted in hundreds of hours of work to unpick and re-plum how the live workshops worked.

So it's more scalable and it's faster - so why else should you care? Well, this change means we can:

  • More reliably run methods which are dependent on know who's online to work; we've been able to now release round robin on general availability, and have some further methods and wider participant management features to come
  • Work towards features that like pre-opening workshops, or alternative interfaces such as Slack or Skype.
  • Allow us to provide better features such as (our number one request) workshop previews or reviews.

As ever, we're all ears so please drop us a line if there's anything you want to see!

Our security credentials have been re-affirmed

In mid-February our annual ISO27001:2013 certification audit took place, and we passed with no issues at all.

Our ISO27001:2013 badge

This is very important; it shows that our internal processes and procedures on how we work, how we secure our platform and how general environment (virtual and physical) are secure and safe for you and your data.

What's next?

Actively being developed right now

The things we're hoping to deliver in the next 2-4 weeks;

  • Getting risk matrix available to all paying users
  • Improving the creative matrix. We've had some great feedback from our beta users so far, and right now we're enabling naming the axes, tightening the rules about how groups work, and making sure that all grouping information is available to participants
  • Uploading ideas from an excel sheet - we've had this in progress for a little while, but we need to make sure it is safe and secure before we release it and so are taking our time to make sure it is all of these things.

A little further out

The bits that will be more towards 4-12 weeks away;

  • Getting as many more combinations of frame, create and evaluate methods available in as many phases as possible - we've had lots of feedback about how people would like, for instance, rose, thorn, bud available in create as well as SWOT, custom idea creators and more availability of evaluate methods in different combinations in both the frame and evaluate phases.
  • Workshop previews! This remains our number one feature request, and we are working on how to deliver this now.
  • Brand new methods, and more templates: we're working through how an affinity mapping method would work as an alternative way to generate themes in the frame phase, as well as a territory mapping template, and a user story development method and template.

We love feedback!

We are always looking for feedback, volunteers for our beta scheme, opinions, conversations and potential partners - please do not hesitate to get in touch by;

  • Jumping on the chat widget on the bottom right of every page
  • Sending us an email on
  • Seeking us out on our social channels - our Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are linked off the bottom of this page.

Speak soon!

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