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What's new

Whats new on Axis - Sept 2020

A new month brings new updates! We are constantly evolving Axis to ensure we can continue to support your workshops and meetings. Check out what we have been up to and what is on the horizon for Axis.

What's new?

Social Signup

New users can get up and running even quicker by signing up with LinkedIn. When you land on the registration page, click on the LinkedIn signup on the bottom and follow the steps. To register to sign up for Axis, if you haven't already click here.

Register with LinkedIn

How Might We?

This is a new method that has been made available to our Beta users and will be accessible to all soon. The aim of this new method is to inspire creative thinking by starting with a question of 'how might we...?'

For example, you could ask participants "How might we... adapt to remote working?" or "How might we... implement new X technology?"

How Might We... in action

The smaller improvements

In the background we have put in important steps on our backend and infrastructure to support big projects such as the redesign, as well as continuing to develop more complicated templates and methods that are going to give you more flexibility and choices for the Share and Action phases. As they get nearer and nearer we cannot wait to announce their launch! Check out some of what's to come on our roadmap here. We have also focused on fixing smaller bugs and technical improvements.

Whats next?

A territory mapping workshop template AND our first visual export

A Territory Mapping workshop allows you to identify the scope of your project. By identifying key dimensions, or "territories" to the project, you can begin to create ideas on what falls under these territories. For example, a key dimension may be stakeholders. With the project team, you can identify all the key stakeholders for that project. We are now putting the final touches to a template which delivers this workshop in a ready-made template.

The cool thing about this workshops is that Axis enables you to run through all these thoughts for a final review, and if you are happy, you can then export all this in a visual format, to PDF. This will be our very first visual export. Excel exports are functional, but we want to give you visual impact!

Some final adjustments are being developed and we are extremely excited to get this one launched soon as a pilot for increasing the types and variety of exports you can get out of Axis.

A sneak peak of our first visual export

Inclusion and Diversity templates that are unlimited for everyone

We live in complicated times, and finding the tools to hold discussions about inclusion and diversity is difficult. As Axis, we're embarking on a mission to help provide tooling which will helps people find their way through these conversations. As such, we will soon be launching a series of templates which help these sessions and - because we firmly believe that this is more important than money - they will have no limitation on them, regardless of whether you have a paid account with us or not.

The first template to be released is the I&D Gender Parity template. We have teamed up with industry experts from Unida Consulting to provide you with a workshop that focuses on gender parity. The aim is to generate ideas on how to best retain and develop female talent through the 'pinched middle' phase of their career.

2019 McKinsey & Company - Impact of gender inequality for first time management promotions*

If you're reading this and you would like to partner with us to develop another template for this series, please contact us and we'd love to talk.

*McKinsey & Company (2019), Woman in the Workplace 2019. The full report can be found here.

Plan on a page

Work has continued, and is almost completed, on the new method for the final 'Action' phase, called Plan on a Page. What is it? The means to generate the first version of a project or action plan through collective insight.

A plan on a page which has been delivered through collective insight

This is will be launching this to Beta users soon so, if you want a chance to see this method early, join our beta group by messaging us via the app.

Our new look!

Axis is having a refresh! We are in the process of speaking with users to see what you think of our new designs - if you are interested in being involved, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through any of the channels below.

A little sneak peek at our new design during a live workshop

Get in touch

If you need any help, or simply want to find out more about Axis you can get in touch through any of these channels:

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