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What's new on Axis this month - July 2019

We've brought you some massive new features this month, amongst a load of other bits and bobs!


This has been a long time in the planning, but we now have developed a way to set ad-hoc grouping on ideas. The idea is that you can create near-infinite venn diagrams with your ideas without having to go crazy drawing circles on your whiteboards:

Add groups to your ideas!

Anywhere an idea is present on a facilitator's screen, you can add, amend or remove a group. Much like with themes, you can also filter on the groups you have created:

Filtering groups

All grouping information is also available in the export files.

Customisable frame tools

We now have two new frame methods, custom - single dimension and custom - multi-dimension.

This now opens up the functions available in the other frame tools:

Custom frame tools

These now provide the ability to create tools where the 'dimensions' can be set by you as per your own requirements.

New method explainer videos

We have now added videos that go through each of our methods in our help pages - see below for an example of our beloved Idea Creator:

If you want to see any of the others, please see the best practice tips collection in our help pages.

Have feedback? Get in touch!

We want to build a product that is useful and needed, and as such we will always encourage people to contact us with any feedback they have. If there's something you want, something you would change, or - perish the thought - you believe you've found a bug, you can;

  1. Send us an email here
  2. Raise an issue on our service desk using this form
  3. Send us a message on the chat widget in the corner of the screen

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a customer already or just thinking about using the platform.

Coming Soon

Our next set of changes are equally exciting - and if you have any ideas, desires or needs please contact us with your views and feedback:

  • Dot Voting - we'll be expanding our evaluation method set with a new method to provide a dot voting
  • Participant login improvements - we are planning to simplify this; based on feedback the 'participant ID' is proving confusing, so we're going to remove it
  • Timer - our most-often requested feature. We're going to introduce the ability to set timers during methods so you can make sure that your workshop is a success!

Until next month, here's to filling the world with great ideas and better decisions!

Hero image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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