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What's new on Axis this month - June 2019

In our latest releases we have a whole host of new features for you to try out!

Re-built setup:

First, foremost, and most obvious is the new homepage and workshop setup screens on the for the facilitator:

Our new app homepage and workshop setup pages

We have totally re-engineered the homepage and workshop setup based on the feedback of our early users. It is now simpler and clearer what you are doing and when, with much more embedded guidance to help you select the best methods for your workshop.

New methods:

We have also extended the set of methods within the frame phase:

All of our new Frame methods

Methods like Rose, Thorn, Bud, SWOT and Risk Analysis provide different ways to conceive the themes for your workshop (see here for more detailed information on each one). Give them a try and let us know what you think!


Wherever you have any sort of grouping on an idea or theme, you can now filter what you are viewing from the left-hand navigation whilst you run your workshop:

Filtering based on themes

So if, for instance, you're discussing the ideas you've generated and want to focus in on ideas attached to a particular theme, you can can do this in any situation where lots of themes or ideas are on the facilitator's screen at once.

New ways to communicate with us:

You may have noticed a change in the bottom right corner of all of our screens:

Search our docs or speak to us directly using Intercom

We have made it easier to communicate with us by setting up Intercom for both our website and our applications, and incorporating our help pages to this channel. This should make it easier to speak to us if you have any questions, queries or just want to say hello!

Coming soon:

We have loads of things that are coming to the top of our backlog in the next month:

  • Grouping: when you have run a workshop, have you ever wanted to sub-divide an idea on the fly? This will be possible very soon!
  • New Methods: we have a number of new methods in the pipeline, including the ability to customise some of our existing Frame methods, and some new Evaluate tools. We're also actively investigating ideas for how to do customer journey mapping, user story development and backlog prioritisation.
  • More templates and easier ways to find them: As well as putting out more methods, we're also getting together more templates as well as making it easier to find and setup the template you want.

If you have any input on the above, or you want to become part of our pilot group who see these things whilst they're still in beta, please get in touch by using the chat widget on the bottom-right of this screen or sending us an email.

Hero image credit: Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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