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What's new on Axis this month - November 2019

Welcome to the Creative Matrix

We have had lots of requests for this increasingly popular method which helps to foster innovation in the right direction by asking participants to align ideas to two dimensions, and it is now available in beta in the Create phase of the workshop setup. Participants enter ideas as they would normally do in an Idea Creator, however they must also assign the ideas to a row and a column as well:

Select the relevant row and column when creating the idea

When all the ideas have been submitted, the matrix is displayed by the facilitator. On here, the facilitator can do a number of things, such as edit or delete the idea, add groups, change the position of the idea on the matrix or discard it; as you would any other idea in the process of a workshop:

Review and work with ideas on the matrix

Like with any new feature, we're all ears for feedback on how it works and we've already received a great list of ideas from one of our beta users in Argentina who used the method in a real workshop earlier this month. If you'd like to either provide feedback, or join the beta scheme so you can get your hands on the new method early, please do not hesitate to contact us either on the chat widget or by emailing us on

Creating better distinctions between Roses, Thorns and Buds

We have had a lot of people ask us for the same thing recently; can we make Roses, Thorns and Buds different colours? This has presented us with a challenge. Another common request is to make Rose, Thorn, Bud available as a Create method. This is something we will be doing during December, however: If you run Rose Thorn Bud as a method in the create phase, and you've already run a Frame method to create coloured themes, what colour would you display?

The answer: Watermarks!

We have re-designed how all methods that have pre-configured grouping to use a watermark and the group name in the top bar to create a better visual distinction which will also allow ideas to use theme colours as well:

A watermarked "Rose"
A full-width card on a mobile

We have implemented this styling for Rose Thorn Bud, SWOT and Custom Multi-Dimension frame tools.

Saying goodbye to Internet Explorer

"You see, Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution. We’re not supporting new web standards for it"

The above quote by Chris Jackson at Microsoft from a blog post earlier this year sums up the issues we now have; Axis is using cutting edge web frameworks to deliver its experiences, increasingly the workarounds we have to put in place to enable things to work are getting onerous and difficult to both implement and consistently test for, so we decided to prevent access to the participant side using IE during this month:

If you go to the participant login page on IE now you'll see this

Facilitator access is still possible on IE, but is highly inadvisable as many things do not work or render correctly. All windows PCs now come with Edge by default, and Edge works great (and is about to become even better early in the new year!)

Coming soon

The next batch of features starts with a really big change that you won't actually be able to see!

  • Live integration re-build: this change will be in the background and will make workshop run more robust, speedier and far more scalable. Our early tests have proven the platform will be able to support hundreds of participants, and with further tuning we believe it will work into the thousands!
  • Rose Thorn Bud and SWOT as Create methods: now that we have resolved the design issue with doing this (see Creating better distinctions between Roses, Thorns and Buds, above) we can press ahead and add these methods to the Create phase, per LOADS of feedback we've received.
  • More methods: above and beyond the changes to Rose Thorn Bud and SWOT mentioned above, we're also working on a Plan on a page method, and Customer Journey Mapping methods which are nearly complete as concepts. Additionally, Dot Voting should be generally available to paid customers very soon.

As ever, if you have feedback to share please do not hesitate to contact us, and until next month here's to filling the world with great ideas and better decisions.

Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay

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