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What's new on Axis this month - October 2019

Keep your workshop to time!

Our most important new feature this month is our timer. Now you can tell your participants that they have 10 minutes to add ideas, and everyone can see how much time they have left.

Switch it on on the top right of any activity page in a live workshop:

Switch the timer on

The timer will appear at the bottom over the step counter - set it off and watch it count down:

Start the timer

When it's done it will flash and make everyone aware time is up!

Flashing when it's done

Since release we've already had several interesting ideas from our users to improve it - if you have any ideas please don't hesitate to email us on or open a chat window on the bottom right

Risk Matrix and Dot Voting with 2D Matrix available in Beta

For anyone who missed our announcement last month about our beta methods scheme, please take a look at our help document here.

This month, two more new methods have been added; a good old fashioned risk matrix (likelihood x impact = exposure), and blended together two methods to handle situations where you know you will be generating lots of ideas.

Risk Matrix

Our Risk Matrix is designed to sit in the Frame phase, where a workshop can start out by finding out what the biggest risks are, and set an exposure level before selecting the top ones for people to come up with mitigation ideas in the create phase.

Firstly, participants create risks, and then all participants are asked to assess them for their impact and probability:

Stop me if you've seen this on a spreadsheet before...

Then, our good friend the matrix comes along to display the room's thoughts on what our biggest risks are:

Dot Voting with 2D Matrix

Dot voting is a new method we released last month, and 2D matrix has been in the platform since our alpha version almost two years ago. One of the biggest difficulties with a 2D matrix can be that the value of the depth of evaluation it offers can be outweighed by the number of ideas to be assessed or reviewed.

Therefore, we've now provided the option to use our best evaluation method to quickly prioritise the ideas and prune the lowest scored ones, so a workshop can spend longer on reviewing only the most important ideas on a 2D Matrix.

Coming Soon

There are a wealth of new methods and features on our radar, but the ones we expect to deliver in November are;

  • Creative matrix - an increasingly popular method for idea creation; use a framework to concentrate idea creation across two dimensions
  • Rose Thorn Bud and SWOT as create methods - many people want to leverage the innovation of these methods for simple idea creation
  • Pre-workshop idea uploads - many people want to collate ideas prior to the workshop. This feature will allow you to collate them in a spreadsheet and upload them prior to the workshop starting.

Until next month, here's to filling the world with great ideas and better decisions!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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