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What's new on Axis this month - September 2019

Introducing: Beta Methods and Templates

We have now made it possible for us to release new templates and methods earlier in the development lifecycle than we normally would. Why?

This reason is because complexity of digitising traditionally physical methods in a way that both retains the purpose and spirit of the method, whilst merging with the philosophies the Axis product is trying to deliver, is full of conversations, trade offs and assumptions. We need to validate these assumptions and trade offs as early as we can in the lifecycle, so it helps to release these things as soon as we can to our most enthusiastic users who will deliver more workshops and expose the method to more real life situations than we could talking about it inside the team.

Everything we release is at least manually tested and we're confident that it fundamentally works, but there will be a risk that defects exist as we won't have wrapped it in our automated testing by this stage.

If you're keen to get your hands on new methods as soon as they come off the press and join the beta scheme, please talk to one of the team on the chat widget on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an email on

Dot Voting released in beta

...and on that note, we have released out Dot Voting method in beta! As a method Dot Voting is as popular as it is increasingly controversial, but it is a staple of the modern workshop nonetheless.

Dot voting, but with fewer dots!

In our adaptation of this method, participants use the dots they have available (which is configurable) to vote in the privacy of their own device, and then when everyone has placed as many (or few) votes as they wish, the facilitator can the stack-rank of ideas showing the most popular, to the least.

Again - this has been initially released under beta, so if you want to get your hands on it early and share your feedback, please get in touch.

Simplified Participant login

We have repeatedly been told that the participant login wasn't altogether clear - and the number of queries about "where can I get my participant code from?" made it abundantly clear to us we needed to simplify the experience. As such, the participant code is now gone, and as long as you leave and return from the same internet browser, participants can resume sessions they have previously left.

No more participant code!

There will be more to improve this area coming soon.

Communication Changes

Regular users will notice that we have been working through the app to update a lot of the communication and messaging. It's a small but significant thing - when in the weeds of developing a product day-in, day-out, it's easy to think that something is obvious. Some things can be made obvious through good user experience, and sometimes that user experience is as simple as making sure the header on a page tells you what you need to do!

If you're ever using Axis and it isn't abundantly clear what you should be doing, please don't hesitate to feed this back.

Coming Soon

What are our next priorities?

  • Dot Voting with 2D Matrix - when you have a lot of ideas, sometimes it helps to run a more rapid method of eliminating ideas to get to the top few that you really need to dissect. By combining Dot Voting with 2D Matrix, this should be easy to achieve
  • Risk Matrix - one of the longest and frequently used framing methods - popular everywhere from NASA to the NHS, and referenced in many standards all over the world.
  • Timer - our designs for this are complete and will be available in the app very soon

Until next month, here's to filling the world with great ideas and better decisions!

Photo: Axis Workshops Limited

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